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Meeting Materials

Published in Aug-2016

The Organization Commission of the Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 has the pleasure to announce the publication of the Meeting Materials that include the presentations of plenary and work sessions, posters, and the meeting report with the resumes of all sessions, as well as the photos and livesketches. There are also available additional materials sent to us by some participants in order to be shared with all of you.

We are also sharing the list of participants with name, entity, country and email address of all the participants that authorized it.

To have access to the Meeting Materials click here

Dear Participants!

Published in Apr-2016

It was great to have you all with us in Lisboa, during the 3 days of the Meeting. We really felt the presence of a great and diverse community, and a strong energy of openness for sharing and learning from all of you! In the next days you will receive by email the evaluation form where we will also ask all the presenters and facilitators the authorization to use the materials and images (videos and photos), and after that we will share with all of you the Meeting materials.

Thank you for each and all of you!

2016 - 30 years

In 2016 we celebrate a very special anniversary; 30 years have passed since, in 1986, actors with clown training began to "invade" the pediatric wards and corridors of the hospitals ...

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Take a look at the PROGRAMME!

Published in 15-Feb-2016

Is now possible to have access to the programme of the Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016.

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Early bird Registration

Published in 15-Jan-2016

Early bird registration for the Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 is now possible until February 4th, inclusive.

We received so many proposals...

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Where to stay?

Published in 30-Dec-2015

You can now book your stay in Lisbon in one of the partner hotels or hostels of the Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016.

To know the list the partner hotels and hostels please click ABOUT.

NEW Deadline

Published in 17-Dec-2015

The deadline for submitting proposals has been extended, the new date is January 7th, inclusive.
We look forward for your proposals!

Call for proposals now OPEN!

Published in 3-Dec-2015
Call for proposals now OPEN!

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Meet the CONSULTANTS of the Meeting!

Published in Dec-2015

The Consultants are personalities recognized by the important role they play in the scene of HCO, that have a critical and constructive approach, that have dedicated a big part of their lives working, thinking and reflecting about HCO, bringing together different perspectives and cultures. See who they are in ORGANIZATION.

Meet the members of the Committees

Published in Nov-2015
The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 has three different committees...

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The word is out

Published in Nov-2015
The word is out, and the reactions are diverse and appear from different parts of the world!!

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Healthcare Clowning International Meeting

Published in Nov-2015
The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting is very proud to welcome its Institutional Partners! A boring term that can’t express our real joy to have you as part of this Meeting, the perfect moment for sharing your knowledge and experience with this great community, spread worldwide!

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