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The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 has three different committees: artistic, management and scientific. They are responsible for making sure that each specific area is represented and that the main questions are addressed and discussed, thus promoting the representation of diverse opinions that, all together, will help us in the construction of this community. Besides the three different committees responsible for the construction of the contents for the Meeting we have the Organization Commission and a list of Consultants with different fields of specialization.


Artistic Committee
Coordination: Pedro Fabião (Operação Nariz Vermelho) & Olivier-Hugues Terreault (Jovia + Teatro do Sopro)

  • Ami Hattab (Amiworkshop + Le Rire Médecin)
  • Andreas Piper (Operação Nariz Vermelho)
  • Daniele Guaragna (Soccorso Clown)
  • Giora Seeliger (Red Noses International)
  • Sérgio Claramunt (PayaSOSpital)

Management Committee
Coordination: Susana Ribeiro (Operação Nariz Vermelho) & Rosária Jorge (Operação Nariz Vermelho)

  • Bianca Schoonbeek (CliniClowns NL)
  • Dina Paul-Parks (Big Apple Circus Clown Care)
  • Kenneth Øhrberg (Danske Hospitalsklovne)
  • Monica Culen (Red Noses International)
  • Wellington Nogueira (Doutores da Alegria)

Scientific Committee
Coordination: Morgana Masetti (Doutores da Alegria + Universidade Católica Pontifícia de São Paulo + H-CRIN+) & Susana Caires (Universidade do Minho + “Rir é o Melhor Remédio?” + H-CRIN+)

  • Alberto Dionigi (Università di Bologna + Federazione Nazionale Clown Dottori)
  • Amnon Raviv (Dream Doctors + Ben Gurion University School of Medicine)
  • Conceição Antunes (Universidade do Minho + “Rir é o Melhor Remédio?”)
  • Florence Vinit (Fondacion Jovia + Université Quebec Monteal)
  • Laura Vagnoli (Ospedale Pediatrico Meyer Firenze + H-CRIN+)
  • Patrícia Arriaga (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa + H-CRIN+)
  • Sibe Doosje (University of Utrecht + H-CRIN+)


  • Ana Achcar (Enfermaria do Riso)
  • Caroline Simonds (Le Rire Médecin)
  • David Symons (The Humour Foundation)
  • Ewan McKinnon (Danske Hospitalsklovne)
  • Lorenz Wenda (CoMedicus Comicus)
  • Mariano Rozenberg (Alegria Intensiva)
  • Michael Christensen (Big Apple Circus Clown Care)
  • Rodrigo Malvar (Operação Nariz Vermelho)
  • Wendy Ramos (Bolaroja) 


Organization Commission
Operação Nariz Vermelho

Who are we?




The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 also invited some national and transnational federations and networks to be Institutional Partners for the Meeting with the purpose of sharing their knowledge and experience in building this great community which is spread all over the world!

In alphabetical order:


The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 has several partner hotels and hostels who graciously are offering stay to our guests and special rates to participants.


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