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The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 has the main purpose of getting together the various actors, and to represent the diverse fields of work present in the scene of healthcare clowning organizations. The start ideas and discussions concerning this Meeting were based on the reflections that resulted from the Leaders’ Summit held in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2013.

Since the very beginning this Meeting was thought of as an opportunity to involve different interlocutors in its construction, so a brief survey was launched and shared with more than 30 individuals from different healthcare clowning organizations to gather expectations and suggestions for main themes that they felt were the most relevant for this moment in time. The results of this survey were analyzed and it was clear that there were some central themes for discussion, shared by the majority, but what was most impressive was the presence of so many references to the importance of getting together and especially of taking this opportunity to share and learn with each other, for the purpose of finding the common grounds and the differences that can give us a true sense of belonging to this very special community. In this way the central theme of the Meeting was born, Building Community through Sharing, Learning and Celebrating, with the last word having been added as a reference to an important year in the history of HCO in that next year, 30 years will have passed since it all started in 1986. Let’s Celebrate! We really hope that the model structure adopted for this meeting can become a common ground for work at future meetings.



The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 will be held on the 21, 22 and 23 March 2016.


The Healthcare Clowning International Meeting 2016 will be held in the beautiful and sunny city of Lisbon (, more precisely at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (




How to arrive?

For traveling to Portugal you might need to use our flight company TAP ( or our train company CP (

Where to stay?

To book your stay in Lisbon you can choose from our partner hotels or hostels that offer special rates to participants. We suggest you to book your stay by sending direct request for the hotel's reservation email. Book early to ensure your stay and upon reservation be sure to mention that you are a participant of the Healthcare Clowning International Meeting in 2016.


Hoteis Heritage Lisboa

Hotel 3K Europa

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Lisb'on Hostel


We are still in contact with other hotels and hostels in order to ensure more options for participants.